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Develop and Promote an Internationally accepted FOG Standard to provide clear & concise guidance on:

  • Materials, Design & Construction
  • Testing, Evaluation & Rating of Grease Management Systems Performance
  • Sizing- Selection-Location-Installation
  • Maintenance- FOG Collection & Recycling
  • Carbon Footprint & Sustainability Issues


To promote an internationally accepted FOG Standard, which is intended to provide precise technical specifications and other precise criteria to be used consistently as a rule guideline, or definition; to provide a clear reference in terms of technical specifications, quality performance and reliability.


To explore the possibility of revamping EN1825 (the European Standard for passive greasetraps) and indeed adding to it in the form of a Part 3 to encompass means for removing FOGs other than via passive traps and in the interim to make an application for a European Technical Approval with the intent of developing a new European wide Standard.



To promote the collation and dissemination of technical expertise and advice in respect of the problems associated with Fats, Oils and Grease (FOGs) generated as a by-product from Food Service Establishments.


To create best practice guidelines, codes of practice and standards, in order to encourage research innovation and solution diversity suited to the wide ranging market needs and to establish interconnection between problems and solutions at national, regional, local and International business level.



To continue and promote Research and Development into methods and processes to enable harvesting of biodegradable wastes such as FOGs & Food waste from Food Service Establishments, thereby protecting public health by minimising related drain blockages and consequential financial costs.


Conduct Research & Development into preventative systems of FOG management and control.

To carry out and promote Research & Developmetn into the harvesting of FOG's for the purpose of conversion into a renewable energy source.



To implement "reality" based testing utilising a blend of saturated and non saturaged FOGs entrained in an effluent having a temperature of not less than 40 celsius and to provide a common playing field for all claimants of FOG management systems having regard to effluent flows, temperature, detergents and entrained solids.

Effluent testing arrangements will be in conjuction with a UKAS accreditated laboratory.


To promote the determination of hydraulic loadings and computations to ensure adequate sizing of preventative means to protect drainage systems and to make available (free) software tools and applications to MEP Consultants; FCSI Consultants; Municipal Drainage Authorities, Store Development Teams, Facilities Maintenace Companies and Specifiers of FOG equipment.


Address: 5 Shepherd's Drive, Carnbane Industrial Estate, Newry, Co. Down, N. Ireland, BT35 6JQ Tel: +44(0)28 3083 3081